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About us

The entrepreneurial success of Otto Beisheim was not least the result of efficient structures, quick decision-making and clear accountability. We consider ourselves bound by the same principles.


The Beisheim Group consists of two legally independent asset areas in Switzerland and Germany.
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The Executive Board of Beisheim Holding is responsible for investing the assets of the Beisheim Foundation.
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Otto Beisheim

Otto Beisheim had what is known as an eventful life. He was a merchant, a pioneer entrepreneur, a Metro co-founder, a patron. And finally, a charity founder.
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  • The Beisheim Group in Düsseldorf is the investment company of the Beisheim Foundation in Germany.

    Beisheim Group

  • The Beisheim Foundation is dedicated to the dialogue between the generations and the shaping of social change. It develops its own programmes and promotes projects aimed at active participation in society. In the spirit of the founder Otto Beisheim, the foundation acts entrepreneurially and in partnership.

    Beisheim Foundation Switzerland

    Beisheim Foundation Germany