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Asset Classes

The core of our investment process is defining and periodically adjusting the Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA).

At the tactical level, we continuously optimize our portfolio within defined ranges.

Today, our investment portfolio is made up of the following asset classes, whereas the regional and thematic focuses and the investment styles (active vs. passive, absolute vs. relative etc.) are defined in sub-strategies.

Beisheim Holding Anlageklassen


We use liquidity management to ensure flexibility for the implementation or adjustment of our strategic investment strategy at all times. The creditworthiness and reputation of potential partners are key in our selection.

Strategic Holdings

In 1964 Otto Beisheim founded Metro Cash & Carry, a successful wholesaler that was first listed on the stock exchange in 1996.

Following the demerger of the Group in 2017, two listed companies were created, Metro AG (primarily METRO/Makro and Real) and Ceconomy AG (primarily Media Markt, Saturn). Beisheim Holding holds a substantial stake in both companies.

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We invest in listed equities worldwide. We pursue a core-satellite approach and award mandates to professional asset managers. Taking assumed risks into consideration, long-term increases in value and a sustainable dividend yield are essential in our selection of individual mandates.


Listed bonds represent an important component of our Strategic Asset Allocation. In our selection of internationally broadly diversified mandates the creditworthiness of the issuers is essential.

Real Estate

With our property investments we aim primarily for value retention in conjunction with continuous cash flow. Direct property investments are made mainly in office, commercial and residential segments in Switzerland and Germany. We achieve international scope with holdings in property funds.

Private Equity

Our expertise in private equity is based on many years of experience in the founding, development and marketing of companies. Today, our emphasis is no longer on direct holdings in companies but on global investments in primary funds, with a particular focus on the growth and buyout segments, as well as secondary funds.
Private Equity