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Risk Management

Our risk profile is primarily determined by the Strategic Asset Allocation.

The core objective of the investment activities is on the one hand to general continuous returns for the foundation and on the other hand to maintain the asset base.

In its risk management, Beisheim Holding takes into consideration not only traditional quantitative parameters such as volatility, value at risk and tracking error but also qualitative risk factors.

Market Risk

Assets fluctuate depending on fundamental and economic developments, the mood on the capital markets or geopolitical developments. Market risk includes share price, interest rate and currency risks.

Liquidity Risk

Assets can be severely restricted in their tradability regardless of their valuation.

Concentration Risk

The concentration of assets in the same asset class, region or form of investment can lead to significant changes in value.

Inflation Risk

In portfolios with an international focus, assets are subject to different inflationary trends in the individual economies.